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2D – Digital Radiography (DR)

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Digital radiography testing is a standard method for non-destructive testing and examination of underlying features feasible for all industry sectors. It is essential for assessing piping, pressure vessels, and valves for defects and discontinuities in the marine and offshore industry. The testing technique benefits the non-destructive testing community, including real-time applications, improved detail detectability and lowered inspection times.

X-ray source penetrates through the sample of various densities, and the attenuated X-ray beam then forms a latent image on the digital detector. This testing technique can detect discontinuities in multiple materials, including aluminium, steel, plastics and composites. It can be used for volumetric flaw or inclusion detection for deployed and commercialised products.

It is an advanced technology based on digital detector systems in which the x-ray image is displayed directly on a computer screen without the need for developing chemicals or intermediate scanning. The incident x-ray radiation is converted into an equivalent electric charge and then to a digital image through a detector. These readouts can be filtered and enlarged to enhance defect detectability.

Advantages of
digital radiography testing

Capable of performing tasks covered by film radiography

Reduced inspection time, as no chemical processing of film, is required

Eliminates processing chemicals, hence making it safe for the environment

Digital image enhancement and data storage

Real-time preview of the specimen

Safety is assured when performed in an enclosed chamber

Common Test Methods

ASTM E2736


ISO 17636-2

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