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Fatigue Test

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Fatigue is a specific failure mechanism defined as the initiation and propagation of cracks in materials under cyclic loading. Due to the nature of the failure mechanism, where catastrophic failures can occur with little to no warning, the knowledge of fatigue is crucial to prevent any premature failure. Fatigue tests are performed to quantify the stiffness, strength, and behaviour of materials under certain load conditions. Similarly, it is of great interest to study the fatigue performance of reinforcement bars subjected to severe loading cycles, typically in the form of Axial Force Fatigue Tests.

Reinforcement bars are commonly tested in their “As Received” condition, with minimal machining to ensure alignment during the testing. The test samples will then be subjected to repeated loading and unloading cycles with specified testing conditions until the required number of cycles has been reached or until a crack is detected.

Possessing a wide selection of testing machines with load capacities reaching 600kN, Professional Testing Services Pte Ltd has the edge when performing Axial Force Fatigue Testing for standard-sized reinforcement bars.

Benefit of High-Cycle Fatigue Test

To establish fatigue strength by ensuring that the materials can withstand cyclic loading

Can carry out the test with a few numbers of samples in a short time

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Our team of testing specialists will perform alignment and verification of the machined specimen before the test. PTS provides an extensive scope of high cycle fatigue (HCF) testing, which can determine the fatigue strength of your sample. Understanding the relationship of fatigue life can be important to the performance of a proper material design across industries.

Contact us today for more information about high-cycle fatigue testing or to request a quote.

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